Thesis and Dissertation Guide

General Information

We encourage any student, undergraduate or graduate, to make an appointment with a librarian for assistance in completing their literature search, research, or for assistance choosing and using a database. Students who have met with us have found that it made their research process much easier.

Information for Doctor of Arts Students

The University has created an account with UMI that allows students to upload their thesis as a PDF. Submitting the dissertation to UMI will make it searchable in ProQuest Theses & Dissertations database, as well as ensuring inclusion in relevant databases. Please contact the Doctor of Arts program director for more information.

The library will pay for the cost of binding the two 'official' copies through our bindery service (not ProQuest). Students can submit up to 5 personal copies of the dissertation to the library to be bound. Copies for the University (2) must be printed on 25% cotton, acid-free, 20lb weight paper. For more information go to the Doctoral Dissertation Checklist. Please fill out the Dissertation Binding Form and forward the form and dissertation copies to the Reference & Instruction Librarian.

Information for Undergraduate Students

The library will absorb customary interlibrary loan or document delivery fees not to exceed $100 total per student for students verified as currently engaged in thesis research or research for the capstone experience in the major. Fees for rush service or other out-of-the-ordinary expenses will not be covered. It is strongly recommended that students engaged in thesis-level research consult with a reference librarian regarding available resources before requesting materials through interlibrary loan.

Undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to give the library a copy of their thesis so that it may be bound and added to the library's collection. Students wishing to have a copy of their thesis bound for personal use should speak with Melissa Stearns, Technical Services Librarian.